2nd and 3rd Gen Family Business Owners:

Transform your brand into a lasting legacy in the next 30 days

…without starting a family feud, relying on existing relationships, or figuring it out yourself

Are you struggling with old, outdated marketing materials, competing with newer more nimble businesses, and generally just not having any curb appeal for new customers?

I bet it’s got you feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or maybe even fearful that you won’t be able to pass the torch of the business to your children, as your parents did for you.

You need to stop trying to figure it out yourself, relying on the past, and using unqualified vendors.

None of those methods work because you’re not solving the root cause of the problem.

You need to start by understanding the deep underlying reasons why you’re in business, who you’re up against, where your customers are, and how to communicate to them in a way that has them drooling for what you’re selling.

When you do this, you’ll get the new customers you’re after, true control of the family business, respect from your elders, and security in knowing you’ll pass the business on to the next generation.

Because people don’t buy what you do, they buy “why” you do it, and now you are actually saying the right things to the right people at the right time.

Plus you’re going to look badass.

When you do this you’ll feel proud, secure, and trusted.

And, become the leader of your family that you’ve always known you could be.

Helping multi-generational family businesses transition leadership, cement legacy, and revitalize their brand while honoring tradition and attracting tomorrow’s ideal customers.

Become The Leader of the Family Legacy

Legacy Burden Bearer

  • Getting passed up by newer more nimble businesses
  • Feeling unseen and unrecognized as the true leader
  • Behind the times with no curb appeal
  • Feeling ashamed and embarrassed
  • Struggling with getting new customers outside of established network
  • Thinks a brand is just a logo and website with no real return on investment

Legacy Leader

  • Have a business that is a legacy to leave for next generation
  • Have full control and command of the family business
  • Respected by parents and long-time employees
  • Feels proud, in control, and secure
  • Uses modern and desirable strategic branding with targeted messaging
  • Knows that branding is the foundation of business success, driving customer loyalty and revenue

Hi, I'm James Kurtz

I'm a fourth generation business owner.

My parents have a real estate development business, my grandfather owned a printing company, and my great grandfather had an automobile company.

While our family businesses were all different I am no stranger to the unique dynamics of a family business.

And, like most business owners at one point or another, I used to struggle with getting new customers and sales.

I was updating my website, working my network, cold messaging, running ads, basically trying all the strategies and tactics I could to scale my business, but it wasn’t working.

I was burnt out, running out of money, and feeling like giving up. It had me feeling frustrated, confused, and stuck.

One day, while venting to a business owner friend about my struggles, I had an epiphany.

The very process we had been using to help our clients build their brands could be adapted for our own use.

Within a few weeks after implementing this system, I got more sales than we could handle. We even had to turn it off just to catch up on all the new work.

Needless to say I felt proud, confident, and secure knowing that I can now get customers on demand.

I realized the truth about getting more customers is first deeply understanding who you serve and why you serve them and then project the right image, with the right messaging, to the right people, at the right time.

Now, it’s my mission to help small business owners realize, achieve, and project their greatness to exactly the right people.

Because every brand deserves to show up looking as good as their products and services.
If you’re like most multi-generational family business owners you probably think, I just need to update my website and then I’ll get the new customers I’m looking for.

But what happens when you update your website? It falls flat because you’re distracted from what really matters—a deep understanding and articulation of your brand FIRST.

The truth is you can update your website, get in front of more people, run ads, etc. and no one will care.

Because the only way to get customers lining up for what you’re offering is to get your brand dialed in perfectly right FIRST, so that you are laser targeted and the only logical choice for your ideal customers.

In reality if you’re saying the wrong things to the wrong people and you look like $#!% no one is going to take you seriously.
Branding is a higher return than advertising…It's by far the superior strategy…Want to know whether you have a brand or not? People will pay extra for a brand…Which is why brands are the most valuable thing that a company can have.”
Alex Hormozi, an extremely successful businessman

It's time to build your brand's legacy.

The Big Brand Blueprint

The Big Brand Blueprint is a simple 4 step process to build an instantly credible brand in 30 days or less without over priced agencies, flakey freelancers, “unlimited” design services, or race-to-the-bottom contests.

This works by understanding and aligning your brand to your ideal customers in a way that gets them to raise their hand and say, “yes, please.”

As a result, instead of just making a new website or getting a logo and thinking you have your brand all figured out and then having to redo it all the time because it’s not working, you'll get a magnetic, professional, envy worthy brand that gets you more leads, customers, and revenue.

With The Big Brand Blueprint, you can have less headaches about where your next customer is going to come from, transform your business into the big brand you already know it is, and feel proud about how you go to market.

And in this step-by-step program, I'm going to give you the instructions, methods, and secrets on how it’s done.
You see, a brand is like an iceberg. Most people only think of the tip of the iceberg, or what they can see above the water (your logo, website, etc.).

Once they get these items completed they never think of them again.
But what they don’t realize is that underneath the surface is 80% of the iceberg (deeply understanding your customers needs, wants, desires, your competitive position, why you do what you do, etc.).

Without the underwater portion of the iceberg you’re just floating around aimlessly at the mercy of the sea.
We did a controlled study of clients that we have helped with their brands.

The results clearly show that if you go through our process you’ll go from forgettable, inconsistent, misaligned, and confusing to unforgettable, consistent, aligned to your customer, and making way more money.

On average our clients achieved the following:

increase in memorability
increase in accurate representation of brand
increase in brand communication consistency
more favorable when compared to leading competition
more likely to attribute branding to company success
increase in gross revenue

You’ve heard of the three little pigs, right?

You do not want to build your house (brand) out of straw. It needs to be built out of bricks.

Most people think of brands as just a logo or a website, but that is a straw house.
You need to start with a foundation made of solid bricks (your brand core), then you need to have solid architecture (your brand strategy), and then it needs to look beautiful (your brand identity).

This is the only way to keep the wolf from blowing down your house.

See the Transformative Power of NextGen
It's not even awesome, it's unbelievable. Everyone in our industry says no matter what you do (when you rebrand), you're going to get complaints. We did not get one complaint.”
Michael Simens, Owner, Mr. Chicken
Our business has changed so much since our inception in the 60s that we were no longer aligned to who we were selling to, this overhaul plays up our strengths and allows us to reach new and exciting markets.”
Pamela Thielo, Owner, Metal Craft
We are the largest organic soybean processor in the country but before we worked with KURTZ we looked like a tiny shop. Now we look more appropriate to our size and can attract bigger growers.”
Annette Cook, Corporate Secretary, Simmons Grain Company

Want my personal help to build your brand's legacy in the next 30 days?

Honor the Past. Redefine the Future.
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