Build an instantly credible brand in 30 days or less without over priced agencies, flakey freelancers, “unlimited” design services, or race-to-the-bottom contests.
This works by understanding and aligning your brand to your ideal customers in a way that gets them to raise their hand and say, “yes, please.”
As a result... instead of just making a new website or getting a logo and thinking you have it figured out & then having to redo it all the time because it’s not working..
...All you'll get is a magnetic, professional, envy worthy brand that gets you more leads, customers, and revenue.
Introducing the...

The Big Brand Blueprint

With The Big Brand Blueprint, you can have less headaches about where your next customer is going to come from, transform your business into the big brand you already know it is, and feel proud about how you go to market.
And in this step-by-step program, I'm going to give you the instructions, methods, and secrets on how it’s done.
See, the problem with just getting a new website,logo, brochure, or whatever and thinking you’ve got that item checked off your to-do list is that the underlying issues are never resolved.
It’s like an iceberg.
Most business owners only think of what they can see above the water (your logo, website, etc.), then they get these items completed and never think of them again.
But what they don’t realize is that underneath the surface is 80% of the iceberg (deeply understanding your customers needs, wants, desires, your competitive position, why you do what you do, etc.)
Without the underwater portion of the iceberg you’re just floating around aimlessly at the mercy of the sea.
Most emerging business owners think if we have a good enough product or service the rest will take care of itself and it doesn’t matter what we do for branding, people that know us like us.
But you’ve been trying that and you’re still struggling to get more market penetration, leads, customers, and revenue.
So instead of a superficial update or new campaign, what we do is first build that strong “under the water” foundation.
Then you can create marketing that resonates with your ideal customer, is actually effective, and sets you up as a big player in the market.
Make sense?
All you have to do is follow these steps...
Step 1
Strategy Starter Workshop
The first thing we’re going to do is workshops to structure your thoughts around your brand.
We do this by walking you through a series of frameworks in a way that quickly brings clarity to the process.

Core Creation

Discover the essence of your brand using the secret strategies—typically reserved for huge brands—to reveal profound clarity in less than 90 minutes.

Marketplace Mastery

Easily grasp your marketplace, and create a strategic snapshot, to outperform your competition—in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee without relying on overpaid consultants.

Persona Precision

Craft a fully fleshed out brand personality that attracts your ideal perfect customers with a method that is so simple (and used by the biggest brands) it’s as easy as watching a movie.
Unleash Your Evolution
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See the Transformative Power of Brand Ignition
It's not even awesome, it's unbelievable. Everyone in our industry says no matter what you do (when you rebrand), you're going to get complaints. We did not get one complaint.”
Michael Simens, Owner
Mr. Chicken
Our business has changed so much since our inception in the 60s that we were no longer aligned to who we were selling to, this overhaul plays up our strengths and allows us to reach new and exciting markets.”
Pamela Thielo, Owner
Metal Craft
We are the largest organic soybean processor in the country but before we worked with KURTZ we looked like a tiny shop. Now we look more appropriate to our size and can attract bigger growers.”
Annette Cook, Corporate Secretary
Simmons Grain Company